MERCURY SR60111 Dinah Washington:The Queen


Dinah Washington:The Queen。Dinah號稱爵士樂Queen of the blues。
All of me、Make me a present of you、Somewhere along the line、I thought about you 等

貨號: SR60111 分類: 標籤:


A1 All Of Me 2:08
A2 Make Me A Present Of You 2:46
A3 Somewhere Along The Line 2:53
A4 Show Time 2:53
A5 I Thought About You 2:57
A6 Back Water Blues 2:55
B1 I Remember Clifford 2:31
B2 A Sunday Kind Of Love 3:14
B3 Bad Luck 2:48
B4 Trouble In Mind 2:20
B5 Light 3:13
B6 Lingering 2:22



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