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英國 Edwards Audio TT2SE/G2100 黑膠唱盤


  • 25mm 厚之(黑或白或紅色)亮面底座
  • 使用經改良,搭載銅製圓柱型平衡錘
  • 擁有獨立接地之 TA202 唱臂併附VTA調整器
  • 18mm 厚之霧面壓克力轉盤。
  • EA Blue 加強版皮帶,紅寶石陶瓷軸承。
  • 鋁合金內盤,及隨機預先安裝之Goldring 2100 MM唱頭



The Edwards Audio TT2SE turntable has now been totally revised from it’s original version, it now has a 25mm full gloss finished custom designed plinth and can with the TALK Zephyr C200, OR Goldring 2100 fitted as standard or it can be supplied without a cartridge.

The TT2SE features an attractive medium mass, Medite water resistant high quality MDFplinth onto which are mounted the AC motor, a TA202 arm and a precision made brass bearing housing. The in house machined Aluminium  inner platter with it’s high precision stainless shaft which is hand clocked for total accuracy runs on a custom made ceramic 5mm bearing which runs in a specially produced light synthetic machine oil designed for Formula 1 applications. This is all topped off with a in house fully machined 18 mm custom made Acrylic platter which is driven by our own custom made ‘Little Belter’ Blue belt and supported on 3 rubber isolation feet, designed to compliment the mass of the turntable.

The arm leadout cable has been removed and terminated to two high quality RCA sockets which also allows for used choice over output cabling and improved earthing via a separate earth terminal for the arm earth.

The TA202  arm is and improved version of the EA202 has an in house CNC custom made and hand polished rear stub and counterweight made from solid brass.

In a recent reviw in Hi-Fi Choice 2016 it was awarded 5* and a Recommended badge see reprint here

It has several upgrade options, one of which is the soon to be released stand alone external speed control box, the SP1 (coming soon) with 33/45 speed change both with fine pitch adjustment, in addition to which you can also use the ISO1 mains isolation filter to further enhance performance.

Ps. 台灣引進的版本均附 🇬🇧 英國 Goldring 2100MM 唱頭乙支。

Hi-Fi Choice Review: Edwards Audio TT2 Turntable