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NT$78,000 NT$59,000

  • stylus tip radius (µm): 6 SFL
  • 針尖:鑽石
  • 針壓(mN): 2.2- 2.5g
  • 阻抗: 24 ohms
  • 輸出:1.05mV
  • 頻率響應: 20 to 30.000Hz
  • 分離度:  25dB
  • 重量: 17.5g


The systems (body) of the new EMT TSD75 are fit into a half-open integrated precision housing made of special aluminum. This gives an optimum reduction occurring to any (remaining) resonances.

Normalized 1⁄2 “Standard mounting (with integrated thread) enables an easy and correct mounting.

The white front with the two lugs symbolizes not only its Heritage to the legendary – already in 1965 developed EMT TSD15 Broadcast Carts – but the diamond tip and thus the touchdown point is therefore clearly visible even at less than optimal light.

All diamonds used in the EMT TSD75 consist of a naked, oriented diamond rod which is precisely mounted on an aluminum needle carrier. The Diamonds used come all exclusively from European workshops.

The EMT TSD 75 use quality and proven system components such as AlNiCo magnets of high performance and stability.

The TSD75 has a dyn. compliance of approximately 12 microns / mN and a total weight of only 12g this allows an optimal use with almost all, good tone arms. Tracking force is best to be set up between 2.3 and 2.5g

At full record level the TSD75 pickup delivers an output level of 1 mV and it should be loaded with 200-300 ohms.

These are optimal conditions for great dynamics and linear frequency response. All EMT pickups are still fully handmade and individually measured and adjusted.