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德國第一品牌 Symphonic Line GR 14 Edition 綜合擴大機

NT$185,000 NT$168,000




德國 Hi End 第一品牌
RG 14 為同廠牌 RG 9 的弟弟。此機在匹配 8 Ohm 阻抗喇叭時擁有 2 x 100 Watt, 內建 MM唱頭放大器與耳機擴大功能。
RG 14 Edition  特別版                                                 此版本特別升級,增加了 MM / MC 唱頭放大器與遙控功能並加大了瓦數輸出,一舉成為 2 x 120 Watt,推動能力又向上跳了一大級。下圖可看到漂亮的合金屏蔽變壓器。


Test-Review RG 14 adulates the ears with virtuosity. New reference. 
Stereo 4/2001 Operating on the highest level.
Digital Vision Test RG 14 Edition: if music really matters to you this is whatyou need.
Greece 5/2003 Joy without regrets. Year for year and hour for hour.
Audio 2/2003 Test RG 14 Edition. The classic one from Duisburg. Improved through the
years to one of the best among the payable amps. Open very clear and
direct sound, very extreme precision, but always with the necessary share
of warmth and sense for musical structures. A solid crafted amp for a
ARS 2009 Sound magic
Stereo 3/2010 RG 14 Edition … an audiophile combination of power and sound with superb
coloratura, precision, details and body, emotional intelligence. Amazing –
five stars.
Hifi Test 8/2011 Test RG 14 Edition: Extraordinary 1+, goes under the skin, into the heart
or just into soul. REFERENCE.
Hifi Stars 2012 Fascination, Excellent…
Stereoplay 8/2013 Test RG 14 Edition: Highlight